About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote a conscious lifestyle for children in Georgia and beyond. Mon Chou makes it effortless for parents to have access to carefully selected high-quality French, Scandinavian, and Portuguese brands that are dearly loved elsewhere in Europe, the UK, and the USA.

About Us

Mon Chou has created its first physical store in the heart of Tbilisi, A one-stop shopping destination for children between the ages of 0 to 14 years, where you can find a curated selection of more than 50 premium brands.

Launched in March 2021, Mon Chou is the biggest kids’ concept store in Georgia that prides itself on providing an ethically produced and handpicked selection of clothes, footwear, toys, accessories, and baby essentials.

Our Purpose

Since its inception, the driving force behind Mon Chou has been to bring more joy to the kids while bringing more versatility of quality, eco-conscious goods to the parents. With this in mind, we build our entire brand on these four pillars:


Quality is at the forefront of every label we incorporate into the Mon Chou family. We like to think big and believe that premium quality products have lasting value. When your kids outgrow the products, they can be passed down to siblings, nieces, nephews, or friends’ children. Buying less means caring more for our environment. Big changes start small, and it all adds up in the end.

Design and functionality

Quality and design, without functionality, have little value. Each product at Mon Chou is meant to delight and be a pleasure to wear, play or use daily. Everyone, whether a parent or not, wants to give the best to the little ones, and when it comes to children, we want to make sure comfort, quality, and functionality are not compromised.

Individualism & Diversity

Every child is different, and each one of them is unique. Both parents and children should have an opportunity to be creative in their expressions and choose clothes, toys, and accessories that best suit their personalities and individual style.

Sustainable Living

Last but not least, we believe that sustainability should be the new standard. Mon Chou is creating a better tomorrow for children and parents alike.

The Founder

What started as a passion project by Tbilisi-based duo Marika Vakhtangishvili and Nia Reygner has bloomed into a full-scale successful business, fully managed and owned by Marika since August 2022.

Being parents themselves who want the best for their children, the co-founders fell in love with the idea of creating a concept store that would bring sustainable, quality, functional, and ecological products under one roof. Slowly the idea came to fruition, and Mon Chou was created – a kids’ concept store that combines quality, functionality, and aesthetics.

Marika Vakhtangishvili

Co-founder & CEO of Mon Chou; Mother of Two.

Like most modern parents, I am a very conscious consumer who wants to ensure that the clothes my kids wear and the toys they play with are of premium quality – made of natural, organic, and harmless materials. As a founder and active consumer of our products, I want to ensure that the brands we incorporate are produced responsibly and made with love for children.

Marika Vakhtangishvili

Mon Chou brings together some of the most trusted and established brands from Scandinavia, France, the UK, Italy, and the USA. Top-selling labels include Konges Sloejd, Piupiuchick, Moulin Roty, Le Toy Van, and A Monday in Copenhagen. A thoughtfully curated collection is minimalistic, eco-friendly, trendy, and timeless.

Future Plans

Within the near future, Mon Chou aims to expand the product line, incorporate new valuable brands, and bring a seamless in-store and online experience.